Final Day – Eat Local Maui Challenge

Photo by Cadence Feely

“We don’t need revolutionaries, we need solutionaries.”

– Alixa Garcia

Over 160 solutionaries stepped up to participate in the Eat Local Maui Challenge, that’s over 160 people who know that if we want to change something we have to be that change and it’s been an honor to walk alongside my fellow participants. I hope you all see the delicious opportunities ahead!

This was my 30th day eating 100% of my foods from the Hawaiian Islands and the day was marked by my first pigeon pea harvest in the garden. I had hoped they’d come in a bit earlier for the challenge, but we go with the seasonal flow. Am rejoicing in no longer having to write down everything I eat, along with photos and videos and social media, as that was far more time consuming than actually eating local! 

breakfast :: smoothie – frozen hill raspberries (Rubus niveus)***, gifted coconut milk. 

brunch :: zucchini from Okamura Farms, onion from Kumu Farms, garlic from Kupa’a Farms, wild amaranth***, Chinese violets (Asystasia gangetica)***, tomatoes from Kumu Farms, basil*, pork from Malama Farms, olive oil from Olinda Orchards, rosemary*, parsley*, Hawaiian Volcanoes sea salt, gifted black peppercorns, Peruvian pink peppercorns (Schinus molle)***. 

100% Locally Sourced Brunch – photo by Sunny Savage

snack :: java plum fruit leather – java plum fruits (Syzygium cumini)***, bananas*.

snack :: papaya*, gifted Tahitian lime, tulsi*, Island Skyre from Haleakala Creamery.

Papaya with Goat Island Skyre – photo Sunny Savage

dinner :: pigeons peas*, edible hibiscus greens*, dandelion greens from Wailuku Farms, wild amaranth greens***, pork from Malama Farms, onion from Kumu Farms, garlic from Kupa’a Farms, salt from Hawaiian Volcanoes sea salt, gifted black peppercorn, Peruvian pink peppercorn (Schinus molle)***. Beets from Kumu Farms in olive oil from Olinda Farms, guava vinegar from Traveling Plum.

100% Locally Sourced Dinner – photo by Sunny Savage

* = from my garden *** = foraged by me

#projectlocavore #eatlocalmaui2020

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