Dyeing With Wild Indigo – Eat Local Maui Challenge

Get a peek into identifying wild indigo (Indigofera suffruticosa) and a rudimentary way of dyeing with it. Learn what a ripe Monstera deliciosa fruit looks like, and the trick to crispy cassava chips. It’s Day 28 of the Eat Local Maui Challenge with Project Locavore. I’ve been eating 100% local foods to the Hawaiian Islands for almost a month!

breakfast :: gifted Monstera deliciosa***, Jamaican vervain flowers***, gifted persimmon, kiawe (Prosopis pallida)***, macadamia nuts from Waihe’e Plantation, cinnamon from OK Farms, allspice from Kupa’a Farms, salt from Hawaiian Volcanoes sea salt, butter from Naked Cow Dairy, coconut oil from Hawaiian Nut Oils, Naked Cow Dairy yogurt.

100% Local Breakfast Bowl – photo by Sunny Savage

2nd breakfast :: cauliflower from Okamura Farms, olive oil from Olinda Orchards, salt from Hawaiian Volcanoes. Cassava*, rosemary*, garlic powder made from Kupa’a Farms garlic, gifted black pepper, pink peppercorn (Schinus molle)***. 

Monstera Deliciosa – photo by Sunny Savage

snack :: Persimmon gifted from Protea Gardens of Maui. 4 Honomu Goat Dairy caramels.

dinner :: venison from Maui Nui, rosemary*, onion from Kumu Farms, olive oil from Olinda Orchards. Lettuce from Kumu Farms. Cassava*, coconut oil from Hawaiian Nut Oils, garlic powder made from Kupa’a Farms garlic, salt from Hawaiian Volcanoes sea salt

Maui Venison 100% Local Dinner – photo by Sunny Savage

* = from my garden *** = foraged

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