Dyeing with Turmeric – Eat Local Maui Challenge

Day 19 of the Eat Local Maui Challenge with Project Locavore. Day after the election has everyone on edge, with not much chance of any final count for some time. I decided turmeric was in order, and stuck with the theme all day drinking the juice and dyeing 2 shirts with it.

100% local anti-inflammatory!

Had to get in the soil and dig turmeric this morning ’cause the national election has got me on edge.

‘olena*, ginger from Maui Vintage, carrots from Pono Grown Farm Center, lemon*, honey from Maui Bees.

* = from my garden

Lunch at Choice Health Bar in Paia!

Soothing a troubled heart with tulsi, rose and roselle from my garden.

Wednesday’s are 100% local at The Soup and Toast Kitchen at Dynamite Donut in Wailuku. I added some goat cheese gifted from a friend on top, along with foraged pink peppercorns (Schinus molle), some Naked Cow Dairy cheese on top of the toast, and some raw garlic on the side.

#eatlocalmaui2020 #projectlocavore

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