Day 7: Hawaii Eat Local Challenge

Photo taken at the OutGrow Monsanto event, the last day of Hawaii's Eat Local Challenge (#projectlocavore).

Photo taken at the OutGrow Monsanto event, the last day of Hawaii’s Eat Local Challenge (#projectlocavore).

Unbelievable fairytale ending to our Eat Local Challenge here on Maui. In solidarity with people around the planet who were participating in the March Against Monsanto, GMO Free Maui and Alika Atay organized #OutGrow Monsanto. Held at Simpli Fresh Farm, this event uplifted me in a really touching way. We’ve already protested, we’ve already won elections, and it was time for the community to gather for not the revolution but the evolution.

It was hard for me to break away and get some video for our last day, as I felt like I was sneaking off when there was work to be done! Tromping through hidden corners of Simpli Fresh Farm to harvest keiki kalo, spread the non-plantable sweet potato pieces into new coconut holes, check water lines, etc. After staying up late into the night to make signs and help setup, I was fueled by love and dedication all morning. Lauryn Rego, our #projectlocavore organizer saved me from some heavy hunger pangs with some coconut, smoked pork and coffee.

Locavore Fast Food: smoked pig, coconut, coffee.

Locavore Fast Food: smoked pig, coconut, coffee.

Neil Young Maui

Neil Young showed up with Willie Nelson’s sons, and Daryl Hannah was also there helping us gain exposure. Come on everyone, it’s time to get your hands in the earth! The air is saturated, the oceans are saturated, but we can we weave our collective magic into the earth to absorb those emissions. Turn your lawns into gardens, and let the wild things grow! Video below gives you a little snapshot into the day, with a very quick peek at Spanish needles.

banana, mac nut butter.
papaya, lime.

coconut water and meat.
smoked pork.

venison, cauliflower, onion, garlic, tomato, mac nut oil, Turk’s cap hibiscus flower petals, coriander seeds, salt.

maui wild food

This was my final meal of the Eat Local Challenge. 100% Local, with venison from my cousin and wild Turk’s cap hibiscus petals.

wild cocktail maui

Celebration Cocktail: elderflower syrup, lemon juice, Haleakala Distillers Maui Gold Rum.

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