Cooking Ulu over Open Fire – Eat Local Maui Challenge

Learn the technique for making fire-roasted stuffed ulu. Cooking over an open fire makes for delicious food, and we still doin’ it in 2020! Too funny, I thought today was my final day of the Eat Local Maui Challenge, but alas there’s one more day to go! This is Day 29 of 100% locally grown, raised, foraged foods from the Hawaiian Islands. 

breakfast :: mango from Kupa’a Farms, yogurt from Naked Cow Dairy, strawberry guava hydrosol***, rose hydrosol, Natal plum***.

Locally Sourced Mango Lassi – photo by Sunny Savage

lunch :: opakapaka from fisherman at UpCountry Farmer’s Market, coconut milk gifted from Coconut Information, Tahitian lime gifted from Coconut Information, cucumbers from Okamura Farm, tomato/green bell peppers/maui onion/cilantro from Kumu Farms, salt from Hawaiian Volcano sea salt

Ulu Tortillas – ulu flour and water.

Poisson Cru – photo by Sunny Savage

snack :: macadamia nuts from Waihe’e Plantation, goat milk caramels

dinner :: ulu gifted from Coconut Information, carrots/onion from Kumu Farms, smoked rainbow trout from Kulahaven Farms, olive oil from Olinda Orchards, salt from Hawaiian Volcanoes, gifted black peppercorns, Peruvian pink peppercorns (Schinus molle)***, wild mallow greens (Malva parviflora)***, spiny amaranth greens (Amaranthus spinosus)***, Chinese violet greens (Asystasia gangetica)***. 

Open Fire Roasted Breadfruit – photo by Sunny Savage
Maui Sunset – photo by Sunny Savage

*** = foraged

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