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Cassava Harvesting and Processing – Eat Local Maui Challenge

Day 5 of eating 100% locally grown and raised foods from the Hawaiian Islands. Trying out a new recipe using cassava harvested in the garden.

breakfast :: coconut meat, banana*, feijoa***, bele*, wild amaranth***, vanilla extract (moonshine made from honey mead + vanilla bean).

Pineapple Guava Smoothie – photo by Sunny Savage

lunch :: cassava*, salt, coconut milk, coconut oil. Romaine lettuce, radicchio, avo/papaya* dressing, Java plum (Syzygium cumini)*** starfruit* chutney (recipe in the Savage Kitchen app), pickled red onions, fermented lemon.

treat :: kiawe bars made with kiawe (Prosopis pallida)*** flour, macadamia nut butter, honey, cocoa nibs, kiawe-smoked salt.

dinner :: green bell pepper, cherry tomatoes, basil, Naked Cow dairy cheese, kiawe-smoked salt, pink peppercorn (Schinus molle)***.

drink :: cocoa tea, coconut milk

* = grown by me *** = foraged by me

Fried Cassava Lettuce Wrap – photo by Sunny Savage


Wanna learn more about Java Plum and Wild Amaranth?? Check out my newly published monographs on each of these invasive food plants, including the most current research, nutritional information and medicinal uses, Java Plum eBook and Spiny Amaranth eBook








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