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Cassava Greens Cake – Eat Local Maui Challenge

13th Day eating 100% locally grown foods in the Hawaiian Islands as part of Project Locavore and the Eat Local Maui Challenge. I grow so much cassava, and I’m trying to incorporate using the leaves more. They are so nutritious! This video highlights packing them into an instapot, where they cook down into a cake-like consistency. Of course, you’re not going to convince a 6-year old it’s cake, but drop a comment below if you can think of a better name LOL. I made a roasted tomato sauce similar to ketchup, and hollandaise, to dip in.

Menu today included…

tea :: pine needles (Pinus radiata)***, banana poka fruit (Passiflora tarminiana)***, ginger from Maui Vintage, pink grapefruit gifted from a friend.

100% Local Pine Needles Banana Poka Grapefruit Tea – photo by Sunny Savage
Tomato and Hollandaise Dipping Sauces – photo by Sunny Savage
Cassava Greens Cake – photo by Sunny Savage

cassava greens cake :: cassava leaves*, wild amaranth greens***

roasted tomato sauce (recipe from Ashley Awakea) :: tomatoes from Hana Fresh, guava vinegar from Traveling Plum, pickled red onion I made with red onions from Oko’a Farms, honey from Maui Bees, ground allspice from Kupa’a Farms, salt from Hawaiian Volcano Sea Salt.

hollandaise :: egg yolks from Maui Bees, lemon juice*, butter from Naked Cow Dairy, ruby red grapefruit hot sauce from HI Spice, salt from Hawaiian Volcano Sea Salt.

roasted cauliflower :: cauliflower from a farmer at Waipuna Wednesday Farmers Market, olive oil from Olinda Olive Orchard, salt from Hawaiian Volcano Sea Salt.

* = grown by me*** = foraged by me

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