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I’m back in my kitchen after an amazing trip to Cuzco and Machu Picchu, in Peru! Since I moved to Topanga Canyon, and have a 9 foot tall rock in my kitchen, rocks have been really prevalent in my life. The Inca’s have a deep reverence for stones, recognizing their life and the power that lies within each one. This, along with a sun-worshipping culture and amazing wild foods, made for a fantabulous trip to my final continent. My dream of visiting every continent before my 30th birthday is realized!

The above photo was taken at Machu Picchu, a blessing to see the light of the sun as a double rainbow. The next few posts will highlight some wild Andean treats, and then I’ll get rollin’ with some rock solid recipes for you again.

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  1. Mougan
    Mougan says:

    Wow! How fun is it to say the word Chilliwack ! I like it! Great set. The light on the motorcycle shots is aoemwse. Love that kiss of warm light. Not too much, just a kiss. Love it. Great job. Great location, too.


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