Avocado Mousse – Eat Local Maui Challenge

Day 20 of eating 100% locally grown foods to the Hawaiian Islands as part of the Eat Local Maui Challenge with Project Locavore. Had a nice big breakfast, snacky kind of lunch, and dinner with an avocado mousse dessert. In the video you get an inside peek at putting ingredients together. 

Breakfast :: kalo from Ho`omakua Farms, eggs from Maui Bees, 2 species of wild amaranth***, sow thistle*, olive oil from Olinda Orchards, bacon from Kaunamano Farm, salt from Hawaiian Volcano Sea Salt, pink peppercorns (Schinus molle)***, black peppercorns gifted from a friend.

First sow thistle (Sonchus oleraceus) harvest of the season! That, along with 2 species of wild amaranth with giant leaves…yummy! – photo by Sunny Savage

Juice :: ‘olena*, ginger*, carrots from Pono Grown Farm Center, lemon*, honey from Maui Bees.

Lunch/Snack :: Bele* (also known as edible hibiscus greens), macadamia nuts, carrots, onion, garlic, vinegar, olive oil, salt.

Tea :: Burdock* from my garden, cinnamon bark, ginger, foraged kiawe beans***

Wild amaranth (Amaranthus sp,) with huge leaves, see quarter for scale. – photo by Sunny Savage

Dinner :: Lau lau 

Dessert :: Avocado*, cocoa powder, foraged kiawe molasses***, orange juice, persimmon, coconut milk, vanilla, salt.

Avocado Chocolate Mousse – photo by Sunny Savage

* = from my garden*** = foraged by me

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