Andean Trilogy

Lower/Middle/Upper Worlds

These four trilogies form the Andean cross, and are based on a deep cosmology connected with the southern cross constellation. Another blessed trip to Peru with the chakana to guide my way! The photo is of the Sacred Leaf of the Incas, also known as coca. The western mind thinks of it as a drug, but that is only after it has been demoralized and mixed with harsh chemicals to make cocaine. It is sacred to the Andean People, and studies by Dr. Jim Duke have found it to be high in antioxidants, beta carotene, iron and calcium.

Freddy Munoz, from Llama Path is highlighted in the video above. He helped to connect my family more deeply with the land and the spirit of the Inkas. It also brought home how important it is to love your work. In this, the energy of the first new moon of the New Year and all its Capricornian influence, may you live your passion and set goals of responsible/truthful/focused work…with integrity.

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  1. Lucie
    Lucie says:

    God, the Inca had one of the most beautiful and amazing cultures i’ve ever seen! Seeing how they respected life and the “pacha mama” made me gain such an appreciation for them that I can’t even begin to describe. After completng the Inca trail, with Freddy Munoz, the man in the video, I left Peru feeling spiritually connected to “pacha mama” and to life and everything in it. This new sensation gave me a hint at what the Inca must have felt everytime they woke up and gazed upon the magnificant scenery that surrounded them. Every morning waking up on the Inca trail I gazed at the unbelievable landscapes surrounding me and realized then and there why the Inca had such a profound respect and belief in the gods of the mountains and gods of the sun and gods of all the increadible gifts around us which mother nature has blessed us with. There truely is something special about the sacred valley. I felt disconnected from the world while I was there and discovered a new appreciation for everything around me. Time seemed to stand still. I think the ghosts of the enchanting and mysterious Inca where, and continue to, haunt those places, touching the souls of any traveller willing to listen to their call and open their hearts and minds and souls to the beauty that explodes around them…sigh…Ever since leaving Cuzco and the sacred valley I have felt a pull back to that place where my soul felt so at peace. I felt as if I left a part of me there which continues to call me back. I dream everyday that i’m sitting atop those magestic mountains overlooking centuries of time. I dream i’m soaring above the ruins built by this captivating culture rich in history and tradition. I dream i’m laying on the cool stones of those enchanting temples, whose ancient songs continue to be whispered by the wind,looking into that lucious fertile earth filled with sweet fruitful vegetation sprawled out as far as the eye can see. God I’d give anything to be back there…I count the days until i’m reunited with that fascinating place that seems to call my name wherever I go. One day i’ll be there again…

  2. bernard kawani
    bernard kawani says:

    I feel so deeply connected to the Inca culture maybe that’s the Pisces in me (the dreamer and the traveler). I enjoyed by Inca trail experience with alpaca expeditions.


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