A New Day For America!

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I’m really excited about the spirit of hope and unity I feel as an American and global citizen today. The excitement and anticipation of better things to come will fade as we face the reality of how to transform our problems…but I hope we will hold this feeling of unity close in our consciousness.

I’m also really excited that kids will be part of our social-political consciousness. Bringing kid energy back into the White House will be good. My vision of having every child in America learn 10 wild food plants in their bioregion seems more easily achievable, and of creating cooperatives of people who are harvesting and distributing wild foods seems more achievable *yeehaw…progressives have been empowered. Enjoy your personal life, while participating in our collective experience in an active way. Teach the children well.

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  1. cory
    cory says:

    your comments above concern me. This country and the gift of life planted in us from the great spirit is based in FREE WILL…….Progressive doctrin is rooted in forcing the hand of others in order to bend to their view of a utopian world. case in point..when you say that your vision is now more achievable because obama is in the white house. are you hoping he takes more of someone elses money to fund a wild foods school, workshops, after school programs, etc…?

    I myself have been harvesting and enjoying wild foods all my life along with hunting and providing meat for my family. I too run the back woods with the local indians in my state and am politicaly active on their behalf.

    I hope your view of spreading plant knowlage and living in harmony with the earth and living a more sustainable and healthy life ( which I share in those goals and strive to achieve daily), will be funded not by the government (my tax dollars),but by the sweat of your own brow and perhaps investers or other like minded people practicing FREE WILL.

    Nothing raises my hackles like a government program funded by other people to fulfill any idea (including my own) ..no matter how lofty and noble the cause……

    Lets truely begin to practive free will and free spiritualism and not rely on the govenrnment for a foothold or programs or that empty hollow word HOPE…….

    be well and be kind

  2. Khono
    Khono says:

    Cory, ideally I’d agree with you, but the thing is, non-profit endeavours such as wild food foraging tend to lose out when big money is pitted against them. I’m sure I don’t need to give examples of rapidly dwindling clean land from which one can forage. Without government protection, these few places left may become even more endangered and perhaps extinct.

    The border wall they’re building in southern Texas stops next to rich rancher lands (I don’t know if avoids all or just some) and goes rich through lands owned by poor people as well as a nature preserve, cutting it in two! The government breaks its own laws doing this, wasting vast amounts of money in the process. A government which is far less friendly to such projects would be an asset. A government that actively tries to kill such projects and enact legistlation to help prevent such things in the future would be even better!

    Many things are taught in school, but sustainability isn’t (or wasn’t when I was in elementary/high school) a high priority and self-sufficiency even less so. There are many things a government can do which don’t necessarily cost more money.

    All too often, the people need support so that they/we don’t lose our freedoms. Typically, direct action by the people is frowned upon and the government likes to tell people that it is there to help them so that direct action isn’t necessary. I think I’m rambling now…



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