100% Local Snacks & Cocktails – Eat Local Maui Challenge

EAT LOCAL MAUI 2021 Challenge was held from September 12-18

Day 6

Feel like I’ve been snacking all day 😛


Foraged `akulikuli (sea purslane), mango from Kupa`a Farms, jalapeño from Kumu Farms inspired by Poppy Hudson’s recent recipe, and of course now I want to do the cereus flower dish she just posted!

Haleakalā Creamery goat cheese, cassava coconut crackers made from cassava in my garden and leftover coco milk pulp dried and ground into flour.

Have eaten a few figs from the garden and 3 bowls of the moringa soup from yesterday.


100%. local cocktail at Esters Fair Prospect! Kōhana rum, sugarcane syrup, calamansi juice, and pineapple juice. 

Ono loa!! 

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