100% Local Crackers – Eat Local Maui Challenge

EAT LOCAL MAUI 2021 Challenge was held from September 12-18

Day 4


Made poi from the pa`i`ai, topped with gifted banana, gifted pomegranate, fig from garden, kumquat from garden, starfruit from garden, mango from Kupa`a, pineapple from Maui Gold, and the black olive looking things are foraged Java plums* that I cured in a honey/vinegar mix with wild fennel seeds/cardamom/clove/cinnamon.

* Recipe for those in my foraging app Savage Kitchen, recipe amended for this 100% local batch


Making a 100% local cracker was also a huge win during this challenge!! I got some needed tips from Alexa at Moku Roots. Crackers made with cassava from my garden, coconut flour (dehydrated and ground leftover pulp from making coconut milk), and Sea Salt.

Somehow life feels complete eating this LOL…so delicious, and satisfying my cravings for crispy salty snack.

Foraged cat’s ear unopened flower buds (blanched), Haleakalā Creamery goat cheese that I put lots of garlic powder**, rosemary and sage from my garden, gifted basil, thyme from Oko’a Farms, black pepper from Greenwell Farms, foraged ‘pink peppercorns’, and Pure Kona Deep Sea salt.  

** FYI, I dry and powder myself from the fresh elepant garlic available once per year from Kupa’a Farms

Foraged ‘ākulikuli (sea purslane), jalapeño from Kumu Farms, mango from Kupa’a Farms, plain goat cheese from Haleakalā Creamery.


Venison (traded for kiawe beans) dry brined with Kona Deep Sea Salt and pan-fried in Olinda Orchard olive oil.

Maui onion sautéed in olive oil with a touch of gifted Maui Bees honey.

Cauliflower from Oko`a Farms roasted in olive oil.

Cucumber Salad: foraged cats ear unopened flower buds, cucumbers from Oko’a Farms, lemon juice from garden, dill from garden, vinegar from Traveling Plum, skyr from Haleakalā Creamery, lots of garlic powder from Kupa`a Farms, black pepper from Greenwell Farms, foraged ‘pink peppercorns’, Pure Kona Deep Sea salt.

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